Togo, Africa – 2023

From April 25-May 2, Mayhem Mission sent a team to Togo, Africa. Brian Nelson, who first visited Togo in 2010, led the team of 7 people.

Throughout the week, the Togo team visited children and staff at an orphanage, local churches, and a water tower project funded by Mayhem Mission. They were able to provide medical services, needed supplies, recreation equipment, and encouragement for the local community. Several older teens are aging out of the orphanage, and are receiving leadership classes, job training and enrolling in post-secondary education. Needs that were identified included a roof for a local church, mattresses for a transitional home, and additional well for clean water.

We are grateful for all of the work that was done, and are eager to continue to build this Togo community spiritually and physically!